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"Annie come on you have to wear the skirt, it's the schools dress code and their rules." You said in a exhausted tone. Currently your daughter Annie who was now 10 was refusing to wear the skirt that came with the school outfit, why? Well because one reason was she hated showing her legs. And you were sure for other various reasons. "No! I don't wanna wear a skirt, I wanna wear pants like Reiner, Bertholdt and Eren!" She protested, crossing her arms and puffing up her cheeks. Your sighed trying not to let your agitation get any worse. "Annie..sweetie here is nothing mommy can do about your's only until you go to high be a good girl and put on the skirt for mommy."
Annie still refused to cooperate so you sighed. "Annie how about I make you a deal. At least where the bloody skirt with some rights...please I don't want you kids being late anymore. Your daughter looked at you, she was silently thinking it over, eventually she sighed and nodded agreeing to wear tights. Even though she still preferred trousers. Getting up you handed Annie a pair of white tights since the skirt was a navy blue. You made she she had them on before leaving to check up on Ymir your second daughter and oldest child so far. When you entered her bedroom you gasped shocked to find her still in her pajamas. Running a hand through your hair you tried to contain your obvious anger and frustration. "Ymir why are you not and your siblings can't afford to be tardy anymore..please tell me the reason why you aren't dressed." After what seemed like an eternity your little freckled daughter pouted crossing her arms under chest and looked away. "Because I don't want people staring at my body..I hate when people makes me feel like something is wrong with me." You sighed softly walking over to her and sat down beside her on her bed, bringing her in a hug. "Ymir there is nothing wrong with your body, it's fine. I promise, come on now get ready." Without waiting to see if your daughter listened you walked away and entered the boys bedroom, preparing yourself for the worst.
You opened their door and sighed, you noticed your son Bertholdt was already dressed properly, a small shy smile on her tan skin, his beautiful forest green eyes gleaming softly. "Morning mama, I'm a big boy I dressed myself this morning!" He said proudly. You couldn't help but chuckle nodding your head. "Yes you're a very good boy." Your praise was cut short when your son Reiner suddenly bursted through the room shouting your name, he was freaking out. "Mom mom my shirt won't fit!" He panicked as he waited for you to fix it. Bertholdt looked at him awkwardly a confused expression on his gentle face.  When you joined your son you blinked a few times hen giggled, your son Reiner had misbuttoned his shirt. With a sigh through your nose you helped him fix his shirt, it took about 10 minutes considering he kept moving around. When you were done you went to check up on your son Eren, praying silently to whatever deity was watching you, and hoped he was dressed and ready. Opening the door you wanted to scream and pull your hair out by the roots, your son was half on and half off the bed, with a ps4 controller in his hand, playing some stupid game, though upon closer inspection he had his eyes closed. He was making tiny "pew pew" noises, it WOULD have been a cute little thing to see, if you weren't rushing to get your kids ready for school. Walking over to him you should his shoulder gently, your tone was stern but soft. "Eren wake up, you have to get ready for school, I don't want you all being late again." Eren grumbles sleepily and furrows his eyebrows. "I must...kill them all!" You groan and and shake him awake again and semi shout. "Eren wake up right now mister or you're grounded." Instantly he snapped open his eyes.
After what seemed like an eternity you had FINALLY gotten your....angels dressed and ready for school. They sat in the kitchen table eating their breakfast, you just drank your coffee and groaned. "You guys can't be late anymore, it looks bad on me as a makes it as if I can't properly raise my kids..and you may even be taken from me some day. You all have to promise to do better and behave..." But your words weren't going through to your kids as they were bickering and swearing to one another, Bertholdt trying hard to be the peace maker, as well not cry. Reiner egging on Ymir and Eren while Annie  grabbed Eren flipping him onto his back. You let out a frustrated groan as your shouted at your children, something you haven't really done in years.  "I can't take this anymore! If you brats wanna bicker and fight and won't listen to a damn word I say then fine! Don't go to school stay home for the rest of lives because I don't care anymore." Hot tears streamed down your cheeks as you were about to storm off your phone begins to ring, checking the name you wanted to throw your phone out the window, you had no patience for you mom today, but reluctantly you answered trying to remain calm. "Hey mom....what no I haven't found a kids are FINE mother..ugh no mom stop...goodbye!" You closed your phone, your last ounce of patience drained as you screamed and threw your phone against the wall breaking it.  Suddenly Ymir speaks up. "Damn mom you're terrible yelling at us, calling us brats.  I never knew you hated us so much, you're awful." That was couldn't take it anymore, looking at your children mainly Ymir who spoke to you, hot tears streamed down your cheeks as you were hurt your daughter would say such a terrible thing to you, angry at your mother, stressed for everything else. Instead of saying anything you got up slowly and walked to your room slamming the door shut, leaving your five children in awkward silence.
Suddenly your kids stopped their pointless bickering and rubbed their arms guiltily, even Annie looked guilt ridden as she never seen her mother cry like that. Eren looked at his sister, anger flaring through his eyes. "Ymir how could you say such a thing to mom? Don't you see mom is doing her best without a dad?" Reiner nodded "I never imagined mom would be you think she hates us?" Bertholdt looked around his siblings, tears bubbling from his green eyes. "G...guys I think we should do cheer up mama...I don't like it when she's sad..I miss mom's smile." For once in their young lives the kids nodded and agreed on one thing. School was long forgotten as the house was quiet, the kids were in the kitchen working on something in hopes to cheer up their mama.
After a while, maybe 2 hours you had passed out and woke up silence. Getting up you opened your bedroom door rubbing your eyes as you made your way downstairs, slowly as you descended down the steps you stopped mid way hearing soft whispers. "Shhh Annie put the flower over there, mama's favorite color is this shade. Bertholdt can you color her dress?" Curiosity got the better of you as you silently made your way into the kitchen, you watched with tears of joy in your eyes, your children, your precious bundles were working together, getting along with one another as they worked on something. You couldn't contain your muffles as you sniffled. Suddenly turning in your direction your kids all began to cry and run into your arms. "Mama we're so sorry we made you mad...and we're sorry we made you cry!" They continued to apologize, you in return hugged them lovingly and accepted their little apologies. You laughed and kissed their cheeks. "You kids...what am I ever gonna do without you?"
Yeah.....ahaha idk if i like this chapter that much. Nothing to explain except
Everyone is about 10 years old, well except Ymir since she's 12-13

anyway yeah next chapter will be high school! dun dun duuuun

picture found off google
I don't own any of the characters or you
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